Apple files a patent for a foldable iPhone

Apple patents an idea of ​​a foldable iPhone, although and unfortunately, that does not mean that we see a foldable phone in the short term.

Foldable phones came to our markets recently and although they were intended to be a real revolution, the truth is that all their problems and especially their high prices backed out of the vast majority of consumers.

Of course we do not deny that this technology will be important in the future especially considering that one of the most important technology firms in the world is working on it. Because yes, even though Apple was playing clueless with all of us, everything seems to indicate that they are indeed working on a folding device.

According to this patent, Apple would be working on a folding device

Foldable iPhone

This patent indicates that Apple does not forget folding phones

As reported by the BGR media, a new Apple patent would indicate that the Cupertino company I would be thinking of a “foldable” iPhone which would allow users to check the most important notifications without having to open the device.

The patent shows how this foldable iPhone “would not be identical to the Motorola RAZR or the Galaxy Fold, but would be a somewhat different foldable phone. A part of your screen would always remain visible which would allow users to consult any notifications quickly, easily and without opening the terminal.

Of course and as we always say, that Apple has patented this design does not mean that we will see a folding device in the future. As we have already referred, this technology will be very important in the future and Apple does not want to be left behind when the time comes. Obviously, a company as important as that of the bitten apple launched a product of these characteristics would be a real bombshell, but in view of the current state of the market, we doubt that it will be soon.

At the moment Apple will present its new iPhone 12 after this summer that will arrive with the new version of iOS 14 under the arm. Then we will see what happens next.

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