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Apple has canceled the development of some Apple Arcade games to change its focus

by Tejas Dhawan


Apple Arcade is Apple’s subscription-based gaming platform that hit the market last year. At the moment, Apple has not announced at any time how is the adoption of this new commitment to the world of services, but everything seems to indicate that success, rather little.

From Bloomberg, again through Mark Gurman, they affirm that Apple has canceled the contracts it had with some studios of video games. The reason is none other than to change the strategy that has been followed so far, since it wants to hook users to play regularly.

In Bloomberg they claim that an Apple Arcade creative producer told some developers that the titles they were working on they didn’t have the level of commitment that Apple is looking for. Apple wants to maintain the interest of users so that they see favorably paying a monthly subscription and not only use the trial period.

By not maintaining the level of commitment from users that Apple expects from the titles available on its platform, the company has canceled some of the contracts that it had already signed, inviting these developers to continue collaborating in the future.

Apple currently makes available through the Apple Arcade, more than 120 titles, many of which are authentic works of art, but once you spend them, there it stays, since they do not receive, in most cases, periodic updates to add new content, new themes …

Wrong approach


As far as I know, Apple Arcade was born with a poorly stated premise. The games available on this platform have a beginning and an end. Although it is true that you can spend them again, when we talk about graphic adventures, the interest is no longer the same, because it is repeating the same thing once more.

However, if we talk about games available outside its platform, such as PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile or Fortnite, things change a lot, since not only news is introduced periodically retaining the interest of the players, but also all the games are completely different.

But of course, you can not offer a title of this type under a subscription since it will not arouse the interest of users. The most growing example is found in some Nintendo titles, titles that require a monthly subscription to get the most out of it, a subscription that most users are not willing to pay and which has forced the Japanese firm to rethink their next launch in the telephony market.

Apple TV +

Apple TV +

To publicize Apple’s streaming video service, Apple TV +, the company that Tim Cook runs gives a one-year subscription to all those users who buy a new device (iPhone, iPad, Mac). At the moment the available catalog is very limited, since we can only find original content, no old series or movies, although some rumors suggest that Apple wants to expand the catalog in this regard.

Apple has not announced at any time the number of paid users that the platform has and when I say paid users, I mean those who pay the 4.99 euros / dollars per month that it costs, not those who are taking advantage of the free year it offers.

Apple news

Apple news

Apple News + is another of the services that according to various sources have not quite taken off completely. Yesterday New York Times, one of the most widely distributed newspapers in the United States announced that it abandoned this platform, since He has not achieved the goal that Apple had assured him, which was none other than increasing the number of monthly subscribers it has.

Subscription packs

A solution for users to see favorably, giving this type of service a chance goes through group them in the form of a subscription pack, so that the total price to be paid for various services is lower than that currently found independently.

Apple News, Apple Arcade and Apple TV + could be an interesting pack in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia where Apple News is available, but not the rest of the countries where the Apple news service still unavailable.

Although the most interesting pack could be Apple TV +, Apple Music and Apple Arcade. The total cost of these three services is 19.97 euros, but if you integrate them into a pack and reduce the price, it is more than likely that more than one would think twice and probably hire it, even if they put Apple Arcade on it with shoehorn.

Ideally, the user could choose the service pack I would like to, although this is highly unlikely to happen. In the coming months, probably in the keynote presentation of the new iPhone, scheduled for September, with a little luck, we will leave doubts.

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