Apple has removed nearly 30,000 games and applications from the App Store for failing to comply with Chinese government guidelines

China has become in recent years an important source of income for Apple, a country where it has 42 Apple Store spread out. But also, it has become a headache for Apple because it is forced to follow each and every one of the requests made by this government, although they are against the freedoms that Apple always raises, in addition to other principles.

From July 1, all the games and applications that want to become available in the China App Store, must previously obtain a license, a license that they obtain from the regulators of the country and without which, Apple cannot give the approval to the application so that it becomes available in the Apple store.

This license number is mandatory today for all games and applications that are already available in the store, and apparently many of them have failed reason why they have been forced to disappear from the store. According to research firm Qimai, Apple has removed nearly 30,000 games and applications from the App Store since this new law went into effect last June.

Control the masses through the right apps

The likelihood of all the recalled games and apps from the App Store coming back again is pretty slim. This process is complicated and expensive, especially for companies that do not have headquarters in the country. The Chinese authorities implemented this form of censorship, we can not call it otherwise, so that the games, mainly, follow a series of rules that range from avoid potentially taboo political issues down to the adequacy of character appearances.

PUBG Mobile, despite having been created by Tencent (Chinese company) had to partially modify the game for the country’s authorities to give their approval. If you have played this title, you will know that when someone is eliminated, there is a box with the enemy’s loot once we have how this one falls to the ground and disappears. In the Chinese version, when you eliminate an enemy, this becomes a kind of angel who thanks before disappearing leaving your loot in the same box as the version available worldwide.

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