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Apple’s newest and probably also the best earbuds have been on the market for a while, so one wonders: Where can they be bought cheaper? We looked at the development. If you want to save on the purchase now and benefit from the drop in prices, find the cheapest price below.

AirPods Pro

Update from August 03, 2020:

During the Saturn coupon booklet campaign, there are currently Apple AirPods Pro For 203.47 euros at the currently cheapest price. Shipping costs are not incurred for you.

You can get the deal price by registering for the Saturn newsletter. You will then receive a 10 euro voucher as a new customer, which you can redeem in the order overview.

Original article from November 12, 2019:

Apple’s AirPods Pro: Cheaper on Black Friday with coupon code

If you buy the new Apple AirPods Pro, you can soon save a whole 25.25 euros. The offer applies from November 29 to December 2, 2019 in the Conrad online shop. The new AirPods Pro then only cost 253.75 euros. Important: In order to get the discount, the following must be Coupon Code to be entered when ordering: BLACKWEEK19.

This would be the best course at the moment, as a look at the price comparison at Idealo reveals. At the moment almost every retailer is still selling at the official Apple retail price – 279 euros. Due to the scarce availability, the price drop for Apple’s AirPods Pro has not yet started. Availability beats price, as recently demonstrated by Amazon, for example.

However, as already mentioned above, this situation will change at the latest by this year’s Black Friday. On the biggest shopping day of the year, retailers lure with cheap offers. Some – just like Conrad – even extend the campaigns to the entire weekend.

Apple AirPods Pro: is it worth buying?

Technically, the new AirPods Pro convince, because the first tests certify the earphones a very good result. If you are looking for true wireless earphones with active noise cancellation (Active Noise Cancellation), you cannot avoid the AirPods Pro at the moment. In contrast to the “normal” AirPods of the second generation, the Pro variant also offers comprehensive protection against sweat and water.

The AirPods Pro in a GIGA comparison:

In short: it doesn’t get any better (currently). Ergo: The purchase is generally worthwhile for audiophile contemporaries who do not want to bother with heavy headphones. On the other hand, if you can do without noise suppression and better protection, the cheaper AirPods 2 are more worthwhile – with or without a wireless charging case. Here the prices start at just over 140 euros in the market.

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