They do it little by little, but Apple continues in its efforts to improve its streaming video service, Apple TV +. It is an increasingly distributed market, in fact yesterday we saw how Sky got out of the car in Spain, and that is why it is crucial that the services bet on having the best catalog, or at least the highest quality. Therefore, Apple has just announced its new production: Shinning Girls, a new series in which we will see Elisabeth Moss, and that will produce nothing more and nothing less than Leonardo DiCaprio. After the jump we give you more details of this new release.

As we say, we will have Elisabeth Moss (known for her roles in The Tale of the Nanny, Us, or the Invisible Man) in a series produced by Leonardo DiCaprio on Apple TV +, a series that takes us to Lauren Beukes’ novel, The Shinning Girls, in which we will delve into a restless murder plot.

Framed in the city of Chicago in 1992. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. That is what Kirby Mazrachi thinks, whose life has been turned upside down after a brutal attempt to assassinate her. While struggling to find her attacker, her only ally is Dan, a former murder journalist who handled the case and tries to protect her from her terrible obsession. As Kirby progresses in the investigation, she discovers other girls, who did not manage to remove this obsession. Evidence of crime is… impossible. But for a girl who should have died, impossible does not mean that it has not happened …

A great news for all Apple TV + subscribersWe will see how they continue to surprise us as lately they do nothing more than announce new products created by great movie and television stars in the United States.