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Apple is laughing at one thing: Now Microsoft is closing down

by Tejas Dhawan

Image source: Microsoft

Microsoft blew up the attack over 10 years ago and wanted to copy Apple’s success – again. Exceptionally, however, it was not a product. No matter, because now the software manufacturer has to wrap up and close anyway.


Apple is successful with its more than 500 stores worldwide, the stores are a meeting point for brand fans and offer much more than just iPhones and Macs in boxes to push over the counter. There are various events, training courses and courses to attend – and free of charge. Microsoft noticed this and so from 2009, starting in the USA, the successful concept was imitated. They wanted to counter the iPhone manufacturer with something equivalent.

Microsoft closes all stores: attack on Apple failed

But today Apple laughs last, because Microsoft gives up and now closes all 82 stores – as reported in a press release. Three stores will remain – New York, Sydney and in Redmond, where Microsoft is at home. However, these are no longer stores. This is called the “Microsoft Experience Center”. In the future, you will no longer be able to buy anything there, just try different products and services.

Not yet on the market, but definitely not in any Microsoft Store in the future, because they no longer exist:

And how did this decision come about? There is speculation that the corona pandemic will surrender. Microsoft also had to temporarily close its own stores in the lockdown phase – a possible neck break? Not necessarily and not decisive, because, as The Verge reports, the stores were probably planned to be closed next year anyway. In this respect, the pandemic is not directly to blame, but a forced acceleration of the existing plans should be possible.

The Microsoft products had and still have potential, as we had to admit:

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The real reasons for the end

Ultimately, Microsoft could never build on the success of the Apple Stores. Apart from the Xbox and the Surface computers, there was no supporting hardware on offer. Smartphones have been around for a long time and even when they existed, nobody wanted to buy them. AR solutions like “Hololens” look interesting and exciting, but they were never intended and suitable for the mass market and therefore for shops – much too expensive and special. To fill the gaps, Microsoft had to offer devices from Dell, HP or Lenovo. They run with Microsoft software (Windows), but otherwise the actual brand approach is missing. In short: The Microsoft Stores are now history and Apple is laughing at one.

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