Apple is reportedly planning a digital subscription package for iOS 14

Apple One may group services like Apple Music and Apple TV + together. Depending on the subscription, other services such as Apple News + and iCloud are also included. Apple is reportedly also planning its own app for digital fitness courses.

Apple will allegedly combine digital services from its range such as Apple Music and Apple TV + into packages in the future. Bloomberg claims to have found out from sources familiar with Apple’s plans. Apple is introducing the subscription called “Apple One” together with iOS 14.

The cheapest bundle should Apple put together from the services Apple Music and Apple TV +. For a surcharge, customers apparently also get access to the Apple Arcade gaming service. Another package should also contain Apple News +. At the upper end of the price range there could be a bundle that also includes additional storage for iCloud.

According to the report, Apple is also planning new offers. This should include virtual fitness courses that can be booked via an app. The range of functions should be similar to the offers from Peloton and Nike.

With the subscription packages, Apple would follow Amazon’s example. With a Prime subscription, customers not only secure delivery benefits, but also access to the company’s music and video streaming services.

Digital services, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly important in Apple’s balance sheet. In the past third fiscal quarter, Apple’s services division turned over $ 13.16 billion, an increase of 15 percent. They were also the second largest sales driver after smartphones.

Not only Apple Music and Apple TV + contributed to the success. The services division also includes the App Store and the Apple Card. Overall, Apple reported 550 million paying subscribers, 130 million more than in the same period last year. Their number is expected to increase to 600 million by the end of the year.

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