Apple kills popular Android app: gallows period extended for users

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Apple was once again on a shopping spree. As a collateral damage, a popular Android app now falls by the wayside. For the previous users it should be over, but now there is a new gallows period.

Update from July 2, 2020: The popular Android app “Dark Sky Weather” was supposed to quit the service on July 1, but now the makers bought from Apple are announcing a new gallows period. As a result, the shutdown will only take place on August 1 – irrevocably.

Original article dated April 1, 2020:

Apple was once again on a shopping spree – the Dark Sky weather app, which is particularly popular in the United States, and the team behind it are now part of the Apple universe. A corresponding blog entry informs about this. Nothing was known about the purchase price. There are tough decisions for that.

Weather app for Android on Apple’s hit list

The app versions for Android and WearOS should be set, a download will no longer be possible. The service for existing users and subscribers will continue until July 1, 2020, but then the app will be switched off permanently. After all, subscribers who are still active at this point will receive a refund. Third-party developers will also have to do without the app’s programming interface in the future – the end of 2021 will be over.

Unlike the iOS app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch – Dark Sky Weather will continue to be available for download and purchase in the App Store until further notice. The weather app costs $ 3.99 in the US app store. However, it is currently not available in this country.

In the following video we will tell you which recommended weather apps exist for iPhone and Android smartphones:

What is Apple planning with Dark Sky Weather?

Of course, there is the question: What is Apple going to do with the app and the developers? One could reasonably hope for new innovations and approaches in Apple’s own weather app, which has been handled with caution in recent years. Switching the data source from Yahoo to with iOS 8 was the last, bigger step. A possible impact of Dark Sky Weather might end up looking like this, thinks Parker Ortolani of Buzzfeed:

But there is no guarantee for that. Apple has often bought companies without having any visible influence on current or future products. Sometimes Apple is only about the talented developers, the product doesn’t really matter.

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