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Apple Maps launches recommendations to stay home if you've been at an airport

Apple Maps launches recommendations to stay home if you've been at an airport

Technology has become more than a close ally for various events related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Artificial intelligence, facial recognition, or geolocation are some of the main tools that have allowed large companies to improve their applications and even offer APIs to record contacts between users. Apple has used its entire arsenal to try to inform and protect the population. Now we know that if a user has visited a US airport, Apple Maps launches a notification recommending staying at home for 14 days. These notifications are likely to cross borders and reach Europe in the coming weeks.

Apple Maps does not store your location, only if you have visited an airport

Privacy is essential for Apple. That is why this new function allows 14-day isolation to be recommended to visitors to an airport to avoid a possible spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) if they have become infected. Apple claims that does not store user location data, but it only issues the warning when it detects an airport visit. It works similar to any other notification related to Apple geolocations.

In the warning we can read the following:

If you have recently traveled internationally: stay home and monitor your health in the next 14 days.

Following the content we can access the official website of the United States CDC with Relevant information about symptoms and what to do if a user thinks they have the disease. In this way, Apple aims to make users aware of the importance of social isolation. Especially if we have been able to have contact with someone infected with COVID-19.

This function is important and is added to the dozens of recommendations that each government is offering in recent weeks. However, the notification Only received if you have visited a US airport. The show is likely to spread to other continents in the coming weeks to reinforce the importance of staying home after an international trip.

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