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Apple Music generates battery problems on the iPhone

Apple Music generates battery problems on the iPhone


A new problem shakes iPhone owners. Many of the users who have updated the latest version of iOS (iOS 13.5.1) are realizing that the phone’s battery behaves abnormally. The reason for this energy drain appears to be in the brand’s music app: Apple Music.

The funny thing is that the iPhone battery problem happens even when the Music app is not in use. In some cases, the app’s background activity takes place for several hours each day, even if the app hasn’t been used for weeks or never at all. This is how Apple users express themselves on the company’s support page:

I just bought a new iPhone 11 a few days ago, and my battery is failing very fast. I haven’t used the Apple Music app yet and it says it has been running in the background for over 18 hours and has used 95% of my battery. For this reason my phone is also getting very hot. I am concerned that this may damage the battery in my new phone.

The phone is burning. I disable the app update in the background. I restart the phone and the battery percentage stays at 91% on an iPhone‌ X with iOS 13.5.1. I had to recharge my phone several times during the day just to keep up. Help?

I have exactly the same problem with my ‌iPhone 11‌, recently updated to IOS 13.5.1. I never had the app background update turned on and I haven’t heard any songs from the Music app. Hope Apple fixes this problem soon.

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What do we do with the Apple Music problem?

The iPhone battery problems caused by Apple Music they are not new. The first news about high energy consumption dates back to April, but in the last week user complaints have increased exponentially. This suggests that Apple may have changed in the latest iOS updates that is causing the problem.

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A possible solution to this problem is, logically, remove the Apple Music app the phone and then factory reset it. But, of course, for those with subscriptions to the Cupertino service, this is not even a short-term solution, so it is expected that the brand, sooner or later, will launch a patch to end this problem.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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