"Apple One": subscription bundle à la Amazon Prime should come soon

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Amazon has successfully demonstrated it with Prime: Apple is now also planning inexpensive subscription bundles in the areas of video, music, news and fitness.

According to insiders, Apple will soon be launching a subscription model called “Apple One”, with which customers can subscribe to several Apple services at a lower monthly price. As “Bloomberg” reported, “Apple One” is to come onto the market as early as October, together with iOS14 and the iPhone 12.

According to the magazine, there should be different models: A basic package with Apple Music and Apple TV +, a more expensive variant that should also contain Apple Arcade and the next package should then have Apple News + with it.

The aim is to offer multiple services at lower prices than if consumers subscribed to each offer individually. In addition, the group promises a reliable source of income. An Apple spokesman declined to comment.

One would like to imitate Amazon, which is achieving great success with its Prime program. Free shipping, video streaming and other services are offered there for an annual or monthly fee. While Apple has little to do with e-commerce, there are millions of hardware customers who are already using digital subscriptions.

The packages should then have access to up to six people. You should then be able to save about $ 2 to $ 5 a month. All of the major Apple services and the largest iCloud storage would cost about $ 45 a month. With a subscription package, you could save more than $ 5 here.

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