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Apple patents an accessory to use two devices at the same time

Apple patents an accessory to use two devices at the same time

Technology advances at giant steps. Investments in research and development are key to gaining an advantage over other competitors. An example of this is the possibility of doing an electrocardiogram on the Apple Watch. Another example is the possible function that Apple Watch Series 6 would have to measure blood oxygen. However, there are a multitude of investigations and patents that Apple engineers register but that they ultimately do not implement. A few days ago a patent was published in which we can see an accessory that would connect two devices to be able to use them at the same time. Imagine having two iPads and connecting them to work on a multi-screen station, how do you see it?

Multi-screen station with this Apple-patented accessory

Currently working an iPad is quite a complicated work. For this, Apple makes available to the user accessories such as the Smart Keyboard that provides an external keyboard. However, sometimes a keyboard falls too short when we are looking to create a workstation. But of course, sometimes those requirements lead you directly to the use of a computer. For Apple this is a problem and so we can see it in the new patent registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This is the patent called «Modular electronic devices with multiple screens».

In a coupled configuration, the first computing resources are available for use by the second electronic device through the communication path so that the first screen is operable as a main screen capable of displaying visual content in accordance with the first and second computer resource. LThe second display is operable as a secondary display that is capable of providing data for the operation of the coupled configuration.

This patent is understood thanks to the images that you can see throughout the article and in the original patent. It’s about a accessory that allows modularizing two devices turning them into a multiscreen station. In this way, we can imagine having two iPads and using them as two linked screens sharing data. While in one we read a manual, in the other we can have a keyboard or take notes.

Throughout the patent we also see that we can make use of two different devices such as a iPhone and iPad. In case of making a video call perhaps we could use the iPhone and take notes on the iPad since it would be in landscape mode. The orientations can also vary depending on the position of the accessory in question. This accessory would be connected through some type of connector such as the Smart Connector that would allow the flow of information between both devices.

Patents are just that: patents. Ideas that work on Apple computers and that we will probably never see. However, we have a clear idea that The creation of multi-screen stations has been something that has been talked about in some Apple team. And it is still one more reason to include in the debates on whether the iPad will finally be able to replace the Mac on occasion. At the moment, and in my opinion, there is a long way to go to dispense with a Mac for certain professional uses.

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