It’s funny to see how QR codes are back to stay, some codes that we saw back in 2010 as advertising support for our streets or in magazines and newspapers, and that were used to direct us to websites of the product they were selling to us. Denounced, now they return to our days with more prominence than ever. We have seen them on our tickets, on our plane tickets, and due to the situation created by the Coronavirus, they have become the essential mechanism for consulting the menus of bars and restaurants. More profits? Clear, Apple uses them too, and it looks like they’re going to be a new form of payment with Apple Pay.. After the jump we give you all the details of the payments through QR codes.

As you can see in the image that heads this post, the boys of 9to5Mac have discovered in the code of iOS 14 beta 2 the screen that we show you. It still doesn’t work, but in it we can see how the iPhone could focus a QR code or a conventional barcode to make payments with a card registered in Apple Pay. As they say, it would also work in reverse, our device would generate a QR code that would be used by the merchant to scan it and process the payment with our Apple Pay cards. It is very useful since if the stores do not have dataphones with NFC they could use this system for the financial transactions of the business.

Not new no this system already used by third-party apps such as some restaurants or gas stations, but the one that is under the Apple Pay umbrella can give us a little more security. Also this code has been found in a public API of the system, so you would expect it to be compatible with third-party apps.