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Apple pays tribute to late Congressman John Lewis on its website

Apple pays tribute to late Congressman John Lewis on its website

Apple’s official website is one of the most visited websites on a daily basis. In dozens of different languages, the Big Apple claims to be and is a machine for selling products online. Although the existence of more and more physical stores could reduce online sales, what is certain is that the amount of information that we can instantly consult on the web is quite extensive. Apple also uses its website to pay tribute to personalities who have died or have done something memorable for the country, usually the United States. On this occasion, this weekend, they paid tribute to the congressman John Lewis, died last July 17 due to pancreatic cancer.

Apple’s tribute to John Lewis on his official website

Never be afraid to make noise and get into necessary trouble.

With this quote from Congressman John Lewis, Apple pays tribute on the weekend of his death. The tribute was on the Apple home page in the United States, removing any promotional signs for products and operating systems on its cover. The existence of tributes of this type make Apple a committed company.

John Lewis was a congressman in the United States House of Representatives from 1987 until the day of his death, on July 17, 2020. Defender of human and civil rights for Afro-AmericansLewis is a symbol of freedom and strength in a country that he leaves divided for reasons that he defended all his life.

For current Apple CEO Tim Cook, John Lewis was an endearing and important person. He visited the headquarters of the big apple on several occasions and made statements in favor of Cook in the media. They congratulated Tim Cook for having endured the leadership of a company whose shadow was cast over that of Steve Jobs. John Lewis described Cook as a character with grace, courage, and will.

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