Apple publishes a humorous video of how easy it is to work from home

Work from home

Many are the people who have been forced during the coronavirus pandemic to work from home using the equipment they had in their homes, regardless of whether it covered their work needs or not. Apple, like most tech companies, sent all of his workers home in early March, being forced to work in the company of their children and / or looking after them during confinement.

Apple has uploaded a new video of the Underdogs guys to its main YouTube channel, a fun video focused on the problems that all of us who have been fortunate enough to continue working from home have faced, such as screaming children, chaotic hours, communication problems …

This new video focuses on showing how, thanks to Apple products, all the needs of any person to work from home are covered, whether it is to scan a document (through the Notes application), annotate a document in real time, mark PDF, use Siri as a reminder manager or to set alarms, video calls, meetings, work groups … all this in a world with children, a dog, a cat, a mother …

This video shows us how during confinement, a group of 4 people is forced to advance the presentation of a product that they have not yet created And for this, they use both the iPhone and the iPad and MacBook in addition to the different applications available in both ecosystems, demonstrating that with any of these devices we can do anything.

Other featured products and features in this video are the AirPods, the distance measurement app, the Apple Pencil, group video calls and even the Apple Watch’s sleep tracking feature. This video is the second that Apple hangs on its website with the same actors titled Apple at work, a shorter video that takes place in offices and presents us, how they have to work as a team to carry out a new project in record time.

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