Apple publishes a short film shot vertically with an iPhone and directed by Damien Chazelle

With the arrival of new mobile devices, a discussion about how to take photos and how to record videos. Do we continue with the horizontal of a lifetime? Can we accept the video vertically? For color tastes, in the end the best thing is to do what you like, and yes, you can be very creative recording vertically. And if not, tell Apple and Damien Chazelle. This has directed a new short shot entirely with an iPhone 11 Pro. The result is exciting … After the jump we give you all the details of The Stunt Double, the new short from Apple’s Shot on iPhone campaign.

As you have seen, from the beginning they encourage us to put the device in which we are going to see the short film vertically, VERTICAL CINEMA appears during this sequence and already tells us a little about what is going on. For those who do not hear, Damien Chazelle was the director of La La Land (he won the Oscar for Best Director for this movie) and the (incredible) Whiplash. A 9-minute short film that, as we say, has been shot with an iPhone 11 Pro and all the footage has been shot vertically. During the short film, labels appear that indicate some of the characteristics that are being used in each sequence: extended dynamic range, video stabilization, super wide angle lens, etc.

And as you have seen in the previous video, A Making Of has been published together with the short film of the same. In it you can see how the iPhone has been used in each shot, obviously they use film equipment although it is surprising to see how they have been shot some of the shots with the iPhone handheld and with incredible results thanks to the video stabilization of the iPhone 11 Pro.

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