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Apple releases iOS 14 Beta 4 for developers

Apple releases iOS 14 Beta 4 for developers

Apple continues to work hard on iOS 14, It is only two weeks ago that the third beta of iOS 14 came with numerous changes. Despite everything, in Actualidad iPhone we continue to use it daily and forcefully what are the most relevant news, as well as the features that are coming soon and that will undoubtedly make your life easier.

Few minutes ago Apple has released iOS 14 Beta 4 for developers and is now available for update Over the air in all users who have the previous version installed, What do you think about the pace of updates that Apple is maintaining?

Unlike its previous version, in this fourth Beta the Cupertino company has focused on improving performance, one of the aspects that curiously more has been degrading over the weeks. AND is that although the first beta surprised us with its fluidity and stability, with the progress of the latest versions we have found constant crashes, overheating of the device and quite noticeable battery drain. On the other hand, nothing that can not be expected from a beta phase of iOS, those of us who tried iOS 7 that fateful August 2013 know what we are talking about.

For its part, we have also received the update of its twin Operating System, obviously we are talking about iPadOS 14. As we have said, few new features in this iOS 14 Beta 4 that finally focuses on performance and stability, although it is early enough for us to make a judgment, we will continue to test it in depth. However, finding versions without changes and with improvements in stability is a sign that Apple is already working on improving the general performance and is failing to integrate new features, a good sign ahead of the official launch, Have you noticed improvements in iOS 14 Beta 4?

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