Apple stops signing iOS 13.5.1

iOS 13

As usual after the launch of a new iOS update, Apple servers have stopped signing version 13.5.1 both iOS and iPadOS, to prevent users from downgrading to this version after the release of iOS 13.6.

The reason why Apple stops signing previous versions is none other than preventing users’ devices they may be at risk to exploits or vulnerabilities detected in previous versions, although one of the main reasons is usually to avoid jailbreaking.

Apple released iOS 13.5.1 for close the exploit that allowed jailbreaking on all Apple devices managed by iOS 13.5. With iOS 13.5.1, it was already possible to jailbreak the devices managed by that version.

However, it is still possible through the security hole that is available in all devices managed by Apple’s A7 to A11 processors, through the jailbreak checkra1n thanks to the checkm8 boot exploit.

If your device is not managed by the processors from A7 to A11, it is only possible jailbreak devices managed by iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 through Unc0ver and Odyssey. At the moment there is no news that iOS 13.6 will be susceptible to jilabreak, although according to Twitter user @ _Simo36, it could have the potential to be vulnerable to a jailbreak.

A few days ago, I posted an article related to iOS 13.6 battery life, a battery life that it was reduced in all the terminals analyzed Compared to previous versions of iOS, although it seems that Apple cares little, and if you are suffering from battery problems, you will have to endure until the next version that Apple launches of iOS, since you cannot go back to the previous version.

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