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Apple targets bone conduction headphones

Apple targets bone conduction headphones

The bone conduction headphones they are a rather peculiar product that is little talked about. It is positioned as one of the most efficient alternatives when listening to music and making calls when we are doing sports. As it does not require any type of fastening in the reduced size of the ear, it is an interesting bet, and we must also take into account the “plus of security” provided by not having any type of insulation with the outside.

However, bone conduction headphones are a product that Apple has not yet exploited commercially. According to a recent patent, the Cupertino company is working on bone conduction headphones, for what purpose?

Above we leave you a video of the colleagues of Actualidad Gadget that show you what a “bone conduction” headphones consist of, but basically they are devices that transmit sound through tissues and bones and we end up listening to it. It is true that these types of devices can cause discomfort in some users due to the vibrations they produce, So we could say that they are not intended for everyone. However, it seems that Apple has its hands on the matter in this regard.

Curiously, what Apple has patented is a “hybrid” system, that is, it uses both normal headphones and bone conduction, and solves some of the drawbacks that traditional bone conduction headphones cause. However, we must mention that the vast majority of these Apple patents do not end up going anywhere from the point of view of the small consumer, but in any case it is interesting that Apple continues to bet on new technologies and innovations that end up affecting the rest. of product. It is worth mentioning the curiosity that according to the latest leaks, the iPhone 12 could come directly without headphones included in the box, what an irony.

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