Apple Technology Helps Study About Depression

Together with the University of California UCLA, Apple now wants to conduct a long-term study on depression. The group from Cupertino already has versatile technology that can record various health data of the respective owner. Using smartphones, smartwatches and sleep trackers, both institutions want to find out in a 3-year study how sleep, physical activities and other typical routines influence the symptoms of depression.

While the detection of other diseases has made enormous strides in recent years, this is not the case with depression. Scientists at UCLA now want to force this with the help of Apple. This study is financed by Apple, so technology from Cupertino is of course also used.

Pandemic led to higher patient numbers

Until now, the detection and treatment of depression has mainly been based on subjective perceptions. The study is intended to help develop objective guidelines for detection and treatment.

The study itself is limited to UCLA patients, with around 3,000 people participating in the project. Due to the current corona pandemic, the study was designed so that the participants do not have to be on site. The pandemic in particular led to an enormous increase in depression. Data collection and treatment should therefore also be enabled remotely so as not to endanger the health of the participants and the doctors.

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