Apple throws gaming hit "Fortnite" from the app store

© Epic Games

The makers of the popular online game “Fortnite” are fighting with Apple. The developer company Epic Games introduced the possibility for users on iPhone and iPad on Thursday to purchase content for less by bypassing Apple’s system of in-app purchases.

With that, Epic challenged the iPhone company. The reaction came immediately: “Fortnite” disappeared from the app store for Apple’s mobile devices. Epic immediately countered with a lawsuit.

The dispute is essentially about the 30 percent of the price that Apple withholds from in-app purchases. There has been criticism of the amount of the fee for some time – and also of the fact that the developers cannot offer any alternative payment methods for in-app purchases. The music service Spotify submitted a complaint to the competition authorities of the EU Commission.

With Thursday’s advance, Epic is now the spokesman for a downright rebellion against it. The company let its users who play on iPhones and iPads know that even if they already have the app on their devices, they will be denied new content for the next “Season” of “Fortnite”. And Epic called on customers to complain to Apple using the hashtag #FreeFortnite.

Apple pointed out that Epic violated the app store rules. “They apply equally to every developer and serve to keep the store safe for our users.” Epic introduced the new function with the intention of violating the guidelines.

Apple always points out that they want to protect customers from fraud by stipulating that in-app purchases must be processed via the platform’s system. At the same time, some subscription services such as Netflix are allowed to conclude contracts with users on their own websites. The users can then log in on their iPhones and iPads – and the providers do not have to pay Apple.

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