Apple to launch bundled service packages called "Apple One"


It seems that Apple plans to do service packages as if a telephone company were involved. We are already used to packages from Movistar, Vodafone, or any other telephone and internet service company. Whether it is internet, mobile lines, or cable TV, all companies have their services individually or grouped by packages so that it costs you more.

Well, this is what Apple is going to sell from October. It seems that it will be one of the presentations of the next keynote of the company. The truth is that I think it’s fine. Who else and who least we have several services contracted with Apple: that if the iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV + (one day we will run out of the promotion of the year for free), or Apple Arcade. If with a package I can save something per month, then welcome.

Mark Gurman published the news today in Bloomberg explaining Apple’s intention to bundle its services in packages so that the user could get something cheaper. These packages will be called «Apple one»And will be released in October.

The article explains that there will be different subscription levels for Apple One. A basic package will include only Apple Music and Apple TV +, while a more expensive variation will add Apple arcade. The next level will be added Apple News +followed by a more expensive package with storage of iCloud. Apple One is not expected to include AppleCare technical support.

It seems that Apple is also developing a new service of fitness classes virtual devices that can be used through an application for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. The fitness service will be offered in the most expensive subscription package. Currently under the internal name “Seymour”, the training service would be established to rival the virtual classes offered by Nike.


Apple One will have different packages like any phone, internet and TV company.

Apple One will be shared with the family

Apple One will work with the family sharing Apple that provides access to up to six people. The packages are expected to save users between 2 and 5 Euros per month, depending on the package chosen.

The motivation behind bundling subscription services would be to encourage customers to subscribe to various Apple services, generating more recurring income. Apple is aware that soon the free Apple TV + offers of the year for buying a new device will begin to expire (it will be from December of this year), and it would be a drama to see that users do not subscribe to the platform if they have to pay each month, with the pasture that are being spent on it.

Apple News + in the US and Apple TV + and Apple Arcade globally are three platforms that have not generated the volume of paid subscribers desired by the company, so subscription pooling would help boost subscriber numbers.

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