Apple TV 4K on Yoigo with AgileTV: price and conditions

The new offering allows customers to Fiber + LaSinfin GB infinite contract for 3 euros a month AgileTV and receive the Apple TV 4K for free. For their part, Fibra + LaSinFin 40 GB customers will be able to get Agile TV and Apple TV 4K for 7 euros a month (3 euros a month for Agile TV and 4 euros a month for 24 months of Apple TV 4K). Thus, in this second rate, even having to pay additionally for the Apple TV 4K, the final price of the device is 96 euros, when buying it separately it costs 199 euros.

Apple TV 4K with Yoigo: free, or for 4, 5 or 7 euros a month

In the case of hiring the combined Fiber and 30 GB of mobile data, the Apple TV 4K stays at 4 euros a month for 24 months. If we hire the 8 GB of data, the Apple TV 4K stays at 5 euros a month for 24 months. With the 3 GB of data, the price is 7 euros per month for 24 months. In all cases there are savings compared to buying it separately.

In addition, Yoigo customers who hire Apple TV 4K will enjoy a launch offer for a limited time, where they give away a year of Apple TV + for free, valued at 59.88 euros.

Apple TV 4K allows you to enjoy Apple platforms and many others

The device also has zero sign-on support from Apple, where the AgileTV app will automatically install and log in without having to enter the username and password. Currently, AgileTV offers 1,500 premium movies and series, in addition to the enhanced DTT experience with “last 7 days” or “stop and start”. Now, with Apple TV 4K, you can access Apple TV + and Apple TV channels, in addition to buying and renting thousands of movies and content. It is also possible to access services such as Apple Music or Apple Arcade, in addition to apps such as games and other educational ones.

Yoigo becomes the first operator to offer the Apple TV 4K and its contents, being a more complete option than the 4K deco offered until now. The Apple one is capable of displaying images up to 4K with Dolby Atmos sound, in addition to being compatible with HDR. Through its command, we can use Siri to play live channels, movies or programs, both from the Agile TV app and from Apple TV. You can also send any content with the AirPlay icon on iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Thus, by hiring Yoigo television now, we are given the option of choosing the decoder we want: either the current Android TV Box 4K, or the Apple TV 4K (32 GB model), with a total final price that varies depending of the tariff, where the Apple TV 4K It can be free, or it can cost us 4, 5 or 7 additional euros per month.

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