Apple TV + announces 'Palmer', a new movie starring Justin Timberlake

Streaming services are the order of the day. With premieres almost every week, these services aim to captivate the tastes of their users with the aim of making them stay on their platform for the longest time. A few days ago Greyhound was released on Apple TV +, a movie starring Tom Hanks topping the list of best releases on the platform. To continue offering content, Apple has introduced new content that will come to your service: Palmer, a movie starring Justin Timberlake that cost Apple more than $ 100 million; and Echo 3, an action series of 10 episodes with dialogues in Spanish and English.

Echo 3 and Palmer, the new Apple TV + coming soon

A former college football phenomenon named Eddie Palmer who, after spending time in prison, returns to his hometown to get his life back. There, he faces not only the lingering conflicts of his past, but a much more surprising challenge as well, as he suddenly finds himself in charge of a single child who has been abandoned by his rebellious mother.

This is the synopsis of the new Apple TV + drama that has no release date yet: Palmer. The film was acquired by Apple for $ 105 million and the main character, Eddie Palmer, is played by the well-known Justin Timberlake. Joining him are Juno Temple, Alisha Wainright, Ryder Allen, and June Squibb. With this launch, Apple intends to consolidate the original content and lay the foundations for an increasingly professional cinema acclaimed by the public.

The other announcement by Apple TV + is Echo 3. Although it has the same name as an Amazon product, it is not a virtual assistant speaker, but a new fiction series. With 10 episodes we will try to immerse ourselves in Latin America in which a scientist has disappeared. The men in her life, her husband and brother, will try to find her. Throughout the 10 episodes they are interspersed dialogues in Spanish and English, which enhances Echo 3 as an international premiere.

Echo 3 revolves around Amber Chesborough, a brilliant young scientist. When the American disappears along the border between Colombia and Venezuela, her brother and husband, two men with deep military experience and complicated pasts, struggle to find her in a layered personal drama, in the explosive context of a war. secret.

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