Apple TV + seizes the rights to adapt the thriller Snow Blind

Snow Blind

The latest news related to Apple’s streaming video service, Apple TV +, comes from Deadline. According to this medium, Apple has obtained the rights to take the novel Snow Blind to the cinema, after fighting six other studios, a film that will star Jake Gyllenhall, actor known for his work in Source Code, The Prince of Persia, Zodiac and Brokebak Mountain where he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. .

The novel Snow Blind, written by Ollie Masters and Tyler Jenkins, tells the story of Tech, a high school teenager who sees his life in Alaska take a 180-degree turn when he posts a photo of his father online. It turns out that his father, along with his entire family, you are in a witness protection program.

This new movie It will be directed by Gustavo Möller and the script will be provided by Patrick Ness. Snow Blind is the third production from Apple Studios. Currently focused on the Martin Scorsese project Killer of the Florwer. Last week, he grabbed the rights to the movie starring Will Switch. Emancipation, a film whose scheduled start date for the recordings is set for after the summer.

Since last July 10, the latest movie starring Tom Hanks, Greyhound, has been available on Apple TV +. Tom Hanks initially stated that he was disappointed by having to premiere his film on a streaming video service, although shortly afterwards he rectified to thank Apple for allowing him to premiere it according to the situation.

Regarding this film, which at the moment is only available with subtitles on Apple TV +, some users claim that from minute 58 the audio audio sync has struggled, a problem that seems to have affected a very small group of users.

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