Bicycles are for the summer, and series and movies too … Summer is the time to take advantage of our leisure time enjoying great audiovisual stories, and what better way to take advantage of the offer of new streaming content services for this use. Today we bring you news of the next thing we will see on Apple TV +, Apple’s streaming content service. It is signed by the famous actor, and producer, Robert Downey Jr. and we already tell you that if you like thrillers you will like this new series. After the jump we give you all the details of the next Apple TV +.

As we say, Apple would have signed a new production with the producer of Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey, Variety reports. A new series that will be based on the story published by Life magazine journalist Michael Lista, who published the article ‘The Sting’. In this he followed a Canadian detective who would reopen an old closed case in order to get a confession and thus close the same. A story that unfolds in police plots, fiscal problems, and relationships committed to the objective of the investigation.

The Downey family, Amanda Burrel, and Michael Lista will serve as executive producers, Adam Perlman will write the series script as well as serve on the executive producing team. It is also rumored that Robert Downey Jr. may appear as an actor in it. A family that is producing series for practically all streaming content platforms: they currently have the series on the bill Perry Mason of HBO, and they are also working on Sweet Tooth, a series that we will see soon Netflix. Great news for every lover of the police series.