Apple users? So now there's money for free

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Apple users are currently receiving a small fee. Simply pay with Apple Pay and the iPhone, and you are currently being rewarded and given money for free. But not everyone receives the bonus. GIGA tells you which users can look forward to it now.

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Customer? Congratulations, because she is currently giving her customers just 5 euros. Just because? Well not quite. What you have to do is use Apple Pay with your in-house Virtual Debit Card during the promotion period between July 15 and August 15, 2020 pay. Since June, all Commerzbank customers have been able to deposit them free of charge with Apple Wallet – we reported. This means that a credit card is no longer required to use Apple Pay; instead, open amounts are charged directly to the checking account via the virtual debit card.

Virtual Debit Card from Commerzbank: 5 euros for everyone who pays with Apple Pay

Is there a catch? Not really, because a minimum turnover or similar barriers are not placed in the way of Commerzbank customers. We quickly quote from the conditions of participation:

“Every participant receives a one-off bonus of 5 euros on his payment transaction account at Commerzbank AG within one month after the end of the bonus campaign, if he meets the following conditions:

Within the above-mentioned period of the rewards campaign, the participant uses the Virtual Debit Card to make at least one payment of any amount in a store (point-of-sale transaction) or on the Internet (e-commerce transaction) using the Apple Pay payment method . “

Not a Commerzbank customer yet? The simple account opening explained in the video:

How To: Activate Virtual Debit Card on iPhone

With that, everything should actually be clear and said. Perhaps at the end of the day there will be a hint on how to actually activate such a virtual debit card for the iPhone. This requires 4 short steps:

  • We open the Commerzbank banking app.
  • We follow the step-by-step instructions.
  • We add the Virtual Debit Card to the Apple Wallet app as described.
  • We’ll pay with Apple Pay until August 15, 2020 and are already looking forward to the small bonus.

And why is Commerzbank doing this? She would like to beat the drum for the in-house virtual debit card and thanked the customers without further ado with a small “expense allowance”.

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