Apple wants to mount the antennas on the Apple Watch screen

The Cupertino company has an important engineering task with the Apple Watch, And it is that the constant obsession to include news, especially at the hardware level, make the small size of the device become one of its worst enemies. However, if Apple has characterized itself in all these years and has worked to earn its fame, it is precisely to put many things in little space.

Apple has had an idea to save space on the Apple Watch, to include the antennas of the WiFi and the 4G directly on the screen, It will be possible?

Everything is due to a new patent, described in 9to5Mac who has been identified in the United States of America office as “Antennas formed by conductive screens”. Of course for a man of letters like me this says everything and nothing at the same time, I imagine that without a doubt in the head of an expert engineer it will make much more sense. In short, and after taking a look at the details of the patent, everything indicates that the idea is to integrate the antenna into the display module, But we don’t know how, although right behind, taking up the panel space, or simply referring to taking advantage of the display connection cables to mount antennas.

The patent drawing is also not overly illuminating. What the years of this “tech blog” has shown me over the years is that many companies can do it, but normally Apple is one of the first to do it really well. For now, any investment that saves space on the Apple Watch and thus increases the capacity of the battery, or simply its functionalities, will be greatly welcomed. Will we have a second antennagate with this? Hopefully not.

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