Apple wants to take surprising austerity measures

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Despite all the doom calls, the Corona crisis gave Apple a good quarter. In some areas – regardless of how high the income and profits were – you still want to save money.

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Apple Stores: Apple wants new conditions with the landlords

The corona virus has ensured that Apple also had to close its stores worldwide. After the closings started in China, the rest of the shops followed a little later. In addition to the German stores, this also affected the Apple Stores in Great Britain. This is exactly where, as Golem reports, referring to the British Sunday Times, they now want to negotiate new conditions.

According to the newspaper’s report, Apple has told some of its UK landlords that it is asking for rents to be cut by up to 50 percent and a rent-free period. In return, they offered to extend the contracts by a few years.

According to the Sunday Times, Apple wants to align its rents with those of other retailers. Due to the temporary closings in the context of the Corona crisis, these were able to negotiate new deals with the landlords in order to reduce costs. The landlords were also able to ensure that their shopping centers can continue to welcome visitors.

Worldwide, the Apple Stores – here the first in Berlin in the video – are the figureheads of the company from Cupertino:

Apple Stores: Reduced rents after a surprising successful quarter

Apple’s desire for reduced rents comes at a time when the iPhone manufacturer has only recently reported a surprising quarterly result. Despite all expectations, the company reported an extremely successful 2nd quarter of 2020, Apple’s 3rd quarter, at the end of July. The closings of the stores in combination with the financial situation of many people have apparently passed Apple without negative signs so far.

In all areas, whether Mac, iPad, iPhone, wearables or services, and all markets – Europe, America and China – there was an increase compared to the same quarter of the previous year. Revenue increased to $ 59.7 billion and profits to $ 11.3 billion. Working from home ensured that in many places not only new iPads and Macs migrated across the virtual counter.

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