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Apple wants you to buy two iPads – and make them one

Apple wants you to buy two iPads – and make them one

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For Apple, the next computer is not a computer, but an iPad. With the appropriate accessories, the tablet is increasingly becoming a MacBook. Soon, two iPads will become a completely new device, as a patent reveals.

iPad 10.2 (2019)

Apple is planning a dual-display iPad

While Microsoft is planning a Windows 10X device with two permanently connected displays with the Surface Neo, Apple could take a different path. According to a patent that has now emerged, Apple could simply turn two iPads into a dual display device. Via a connector, both iPads would communicate with each other and share the work. For example, an iPad could become the display, while the second iPad serves as a keyboard and touchpad – Macerkopf reports with reference to the patent application. The possibilities are diverse, however, because you could simply put the dual iPad upright and make video calls more easily.

Two iPads become a new device. (Image source: Apple / USPTO)

Apple would of course have to adjust the iPadOS accordingly for such a device. In the end, you would create a MacBook from two iPads, with the advantage that you would have a much more versatile device. Instead of just buying a Magic Keyboard that serves as a keyboard, you could, for example, display additional controls when editing photos, videos or in games. You basically win a second display. A disadvantage would of course be the cost. You would have to buy two identical iPads and in the end you would only use the display – unless Apple actually manages to bundle the performance. That would be very interesting again.

This brings iPadOS 14:

Is the iPad connector really coming?

With patents, you can never really tell if and when the ideas will be implemented. The adapter that connects second iPads should not be the technological challenge so much now. The biggest work is in the software and whether Apple wants this dual iPad at all now. As long as MacBooks are still selling, it would be unwise to offer a better alternative. Instead, you will first install ARM processors and prepare macOS for the future on the iPad.

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