The abandonment of Apple routers caught many by surprise. The AirPort bases in their different models were a product highly valued by users with functions well ahead of their time, and the company decided to stop manufacturing them without further ado, despite continuing research on how to improve them.

As a user of AirPort bases for many years, the news that Apple was leaving this category was a rather unpleasant surprise. The AirPort Express base and AirPort Express satellites were devices that, at a time when MESH systems didn’t even exist, were a very easy way to effectively expand your home’s WiFi coverage. Dual band, satellites, plug and play, operation from mobile application… These concepts that now so many brands include in their MESH systems were already typical of Apple’s AirPorts for many years. Yes, it is true that their prices were high, but not higher than the current systems of brands such as Netgear, AMPLIFI or Amazon eero.

Stranger is this move by the company when registered patents continue to appear related to routers seeking to improve current systems. The last patent dates from 2015 and talks about routers with battery and own cellular system that would allow to continue with a useful internet connection in the event of a power outage, with battery power systems based on renewable energies, such as solar. Without going into evaluations about the practical utility of a router powered by solar energy inside a home, the important thing is the fact that Apple kept looking for improvements in its wireless systems.

With the proliferation of connected devices within the home, the growth of Homekit and the problems caused by the fact that Apple only has Apple TV and HomePod as accessories centers, being able to have a MESH network that would serve to create a stable and efficient WiFi network in your home, and which in turn served so that all your home automation accessories were connected, charges more value than ever. If we add to this the increasing concern for the privacy of our data on the Internet, it is almost incomprehensible that Apple is absent in this category of products. Could it be that we have a surprise soon with new AirPort bases? It would be great news.