Apple Watch 5: new problem frustrates smartwatch owners

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Although the latest version of the Apple Watch – the Series 5 – is not yet a year old, there are now reports of an annoying problem with the smartwatch that should not have occurred after such a short time.

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5: owners complain about battery problems

Actually, battery problems should only arise with an advanced age of technology gadgets. However, as various reports in Apple’s own forums and MacRumors, which have been summarized by Golem, show, these are already occurring in the Apple Watch Series 5, which has only been available since September 2019.

The current problem manifests itself in that the smartwatch shows a battery level of 100 percent for a long period of time, over several hours, and then drops rapidly – often within a few minutes. The Apple Watch Series 5 then shuts down without a warning, according to those affected. The last reported level of the battery should then have been between 15 and 50 percent.

If you try to switch the smartwatch on again directly, the previous battery level sometimes appears briefly before the Apple Watch switches off again. Then only the charging process on the small puck helps to reactivate the watch.

Some of the users concerned have tried to solve the problem in cooperation with Apple’s support, for example by creating logs for Apple. But the report in Apple’s forum shows how frustrating and tedious even this process can be.

Here are some helpful tips for everyday life with the Apple Watch:

Apple Watch: Battery problems have existed in various versions of watchOS

The forums also read that these issues with the Apple Watch Series 5 battery have been around for some versions of watchOS. It is therefore unclear whether it is a hardware or software problem.

So far, there is no solution to the problem that applies to all affected users. However, some Apple Watch owners say turning it off for 30 minutes or more in a cool place helped. It is believed that the smartwatch will then calibrate the battery management. But again, as mentioned, this is not a panacea.

Problems with extremely short battery life have accompanied the Apple Watch Series 5 since its launch. At first it was assumed that the always-on display or the new measurement of the ambient volume was a reason for the short lifespan. In other cases, it has also been reported that the mail application on the iPhone connected to the smartwatch could have a negative impact on battery life.

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