Apple Watch drop detection could explain your Health data in emergency call

Apple watch

It is appreciated that one of the obsessions that Apple has is that its devices can help improve people’s health. Each new version of the Apple Watch includes something new in this regard.

Today we have discovered a new Apple patent that explains that they intend to add very valuable information about the user’s health status when the Apple Watch fall detection is activated and performed the automatic emergency call. Bravo.

It is known to all that the fall detection function of the Apple Watch has already saved more than one from having a serious mishap. If the device detects that you have fallen to the ground, and you do not confirm that you are okay, produces an automatic call to the emergency services of your country.

Currently, Apple Watch uses a series of sensors to detect a user crash wearing it on his wrist. If he thinks it has occurred, he first asks you if you fell, and if you are okay. If you don’t respond, it automatically calls emergency services.

Use Siri to explain out loud over the phone that an Apple Watch user has fallen, and has not responded, and tells them their location and also can share their medical identification code. It then alerts its own emergency contacts that it has detected a fall, and that it has already contacted emergency services.

This is what it does today. But Apple wants to go further, and in the emergency call also attach, live voice, medical data that may be important for the health workers who will attend to the injured person.

These data are those that are stored in the application of Health Apple user, and could be very diverse, but important. From age, height and weight, to pathologies, medication, heart rate, or the last ECG performed.

Let’s hope that what today is a simple document archived in the US Patent House., will be reality soon. The truth is that technically it would cost Apple very little to be able to add such data in the emergency call. We will see.

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