Apple Watch Series 6 battery could have more capacity

We have been seeing rumors about the new Apple Watch for a few days and this is good for those who plan to buy this new model of smart watch from the Cupertino company. In this sense, the new leak is about the more than possible greater capacity of this battery.

Today the Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5 are capable of holding a full day without too many problems, in my case I use a Series 4 with LTE and it reaches the end of the day with half or a little less battery. But it seems that the following model of Apple Watch will extend that autonomy if we pay attention to the discovery of Twitter user @yabhishekhd in which the Korea Testing and Research Institute would unveil a certification for a 1.17Wh battery with a capacity of 303.8mAh.

The leaked data for this battery is accompanied by the names of three new models: A2306, A2345 and A2327. In this sense, there are a variety of capacities among them and it is assumed that it would be due to the size of the watch itself, as it happens today with the 40 or 44 mm models. In this sense, there could also be some difference between the model with LTE and the one without LTE, therefore we see how The A2327 is the one with the highest capacity with 303.8mAh, and the other two show lower capacities, in this case of 265.9mAh for the A2345 and 262.9mAh for the A2306.

When we focus on the current model of Apple Watch and Series 4, we realize that the batteries are 296 and 291.8 mAh. This means that the battery in the case of the LTE model seems to improve compared to the current model, but the same would not happen with the version of the Apple Watch that does not have an LTE connection. At the moment of truth, Apple Watch can last a day and a half for more cane than you put into them, so anything that improves the autonomy of the Series 6 will always be well received.

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