The Apple Watch is a very powerful device for several reasons. First, integration with the entire Apple ecosystem is essential for its proper functioning. But in addition, health promotion could also be within those basic pillars of the device. The big apple periodically launches challenges for watchOS with the aim of encouraging users to complete these challenges and obtain limited edition badges, awards and stickers. These awards may not be tempting enough, but they help keep you active. The next August 8 China celebrates National Sports Day and for the third consecutive year Apple launches a new challenge for the Apple Watch.

30 minutes to complete the challenge of National Sports Day in China

When one is available, you can view special challenges in the Activity app on the Apple Watch or iPhone. These challenges will be available for a limited time. If you don’t get the prize for a specific period of time, it will disappear.

The health and exercise it is a fundamental axis in watchOS. We just have to see the circles whose green circle falls on the exercise. When 30 minutes of exercise are completed the circle is completed. To promote sport and activity among users Apple releases challenges and challenges monthly. However, they are also launched challenges for specific dates worldwide, such as International Women’s Day, World Earth Day or New Year’s Day.

A few years ago Apple took a turn in this regard and began to create Challenges and challenges for the geolocked Apple Watch. In other words, those challenges and insignia could only be achieved from a specific place on the globe. For the third consecutive year, Apple launches badges for the National Sports Day in China. All users of a big apple smart watch will be able to get the special badges that head this article, in addition to a prize and personalized stickers in Messages and FaceTime.

To achieve this they will only have to complete 30 minutes of exercise from any app that stores data in the Health app. It will have to be held, of course, on August 8, the National Day of Sport in China. When the day is over, the challenge will disappear and there will be no way to get the badges in any way.