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Apple will launch in 2021 the new generation of AirPods and AirPods Pro

Apple will launch in 2021 the new generation of AirPods and AirPods Pro

Many are the rumors that the next generation of AirPods could release a new design, design based in part on AirPods Pro with noise cancellation but not including this function. Be that as it may, the latest news related to the launch of this new generation points to a launch in mid-2021.

But not only the new generation of AirPods but also the new generation of AirPods Pro, according to the Digitimes media outlet, which also claims that both new models will be manufactured in Vietnam and not in China as until now, confirming, once again, the decentralization that Apple is carrying out in the manufacture of its products.

AirPods Pro

The company in charge of manufacturing the new AirPods, both the normal and the Pro version, will be GoerTek, but according to various sources, it may not be the only company responsible for the manufacture of the headphones.

The launch of the new generation of AirPods eplanned for mid-2021, so if you were hesitating to buy the current model (in case Apple launched a new model in the coming months) you can buy them easily.

Regarding the launch of the new generation of AirPods Pro, this would be initially planned for the second semester of 2021, so if you buy them now, you will have a year to enjoy them without worrying that it is the latest model on the market.

The reason why Apple is moving its production out of China to neighboring countries is none other than trying to reduce potential risks of new U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports.

This is because everything seems to indicate that although the President of the United States may change in the elections held in November, the policy against China will continue as before. Surely about this Apple has much more information than any other citizen like us.

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