Apple will pay $ 25 to some iPhone users

The myth that upgrading an old iPhone to new versions of iOS slowed down the device has been something that has always been surrounding the American company, whose users were starting to get a little tired of this situation, something completely understandable, and it would be logical that it happened with any other brand as well.

Well, many US users decided to take class action against the apple company to have them compensate for this planned obsolescence that affected the iPhone 6, 6S, SE and iPhone 7 at the time. And now these will be compensated with a sum that ranges from $ 310 million to $ 500 million.

iPhone 8

Older iPhone design included a Home button on the bottom

Apple will compensate around $ 25 for each affected iPhone

Apple has managed to reach an out-of-court agreement with the users affected by this programmed obsolescence on the iPhone that made When upgrading to a new version of iOS, performance will be affected in order to take care of the battery of the terminal. This establishes that Apple will pay an amount that will range from $ 310 million to $ 500 million. That is, $ 25 for each iPhone affected, depending on the number of devices.

This slowdown was possible thanks to an algorithm introduced by Apple itself in its terminals, And while the end may have been legitimate, users saw it as a form of planned obsolescence. And I don’t think there is anything that feels worse than seeing how your high-end mobile begins to move slower right after updating it. And more when Apple boasts so much of the maintenance that it gives to the software of its terminals.

iPhone 7 Plus matte black

The iPhone 7 was one of the most elegant Apple devices

That the users have obtained compensation from the company seems to us great news, since even if it is a rather low figure at the unit level, at least they have got Apple to recognize their error and to compensate them to some extent.

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