The fight between Apple and the European Union for the payment of taxes that the company carries out in its territory has had a winner in its first battle, and that winner has been the Cupertino company. European courts have ruled Apple that you should not pay the fine imposed ..

Surely you remember the conflict between Apple and the European Union due to the favorable treatment that Ireland offers to the North American company regarding tax collection. The financial framework that Apple has created in Europe makes the taxes it pays in each country of the European Union very low, and everything is centralized in Ireland. To this we add that Ireland offers a favorable treatment to Apple, according to the European Commission, with a lower tax rate than that established in this country for other companies, which was denounced as a favorable treatment, which is why it was it imposed a $ 15 billion “fine” on Apple to be paid by the Irish state.

After claiming this decision, the European courts end up giving an important blow to the sanction of the European Commission, and annuls this sanction imposed on Apple, in a movement that will undoubtedly have important political consequences. In the midst of a global recession due to COVID-19, the Irish government values ​​this sentence very positively, while the opposition parties and a good part of its citizens do not see favorably that this technological giant receives this favorable treatment, given that the economic injection that would give the country a tax increase to Apple would be important. The decision will most likely be appealed by the European Commission and we will have to wait another two or three years until we have a final judgment. Apple has won the first battle so far, but the war is not over.