Apple works on a battery-case without Lightning

According to all the rumors, Apple is still determined to launch an iPhone without a Lightning connector in the medium term, which would require changing many other accessories, including the Smart Battery Case. Well in Cupertino they are already working precisely on this new case without Lightning connector.

It seems inevitable that in a year or two the new iPhone can arrive without a Lightning connector. Apple seems reluctant to switch its connector to the USB-C that regulators want to force, and instead would choose to remove any type of port from the smartphone. As crazy as it might seem, it is not the first time that he has made such a move, just remember that the iPhone no longer has a headphone jack. But this move is not only a major change for the iPhone itself, It also affects countless accessories that would stop working and that would have to be redesigned to be compatible with the new iPhone.. And one of those accessories would be the Smart Battery Case, the Apple battery case.

Currently the Smart Battery Case can be recharged by wireless charging or by using the integrated Lightning female connector. The case transmits the charge to the iPhone through another included Lightning male connector. If the iPhone does not have Lightning, how would the Smart Battery Case transmit its energy to the smartphone? Apple has thought of the solution that would consist of a double coil system that would allow the case to be recharged and the case to recharge the iPhone, in both cases using Qi technology. The system would be more complex than this, since in case the case detected that the iPhone is placed in it, the charge that the case would receive would be transmitted directly to the iPhone.

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This is just a small detail of what an iPhone without Lightning would entail, and there would still be many unanswered questions. What would happen to vehicles with cable CarPlay? There are options to go wireless but they are “unofficial”. And how do we solve long charging times using wireless technology? Only time will reveal many of these unknowns to us.

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