Apple's Secure Enclave has security vulnerabilities

The Secure Enclave chip, which Apple has been installing in its devices for years, encrypts and protects sensitive data that is stored on the devices. Recently, however, there have been indications that this chip has a permanent vulnerability.

Apple uses two versions of the chip in its hardware. While the chip is integrated as a Secure Enclave in the mobile devices, i.e. iPhone and iPad, it is installed in the Mac as a T2 chip. In general, both protect credit card data or face information for Face ID from unauthorized access.

Gap favored by older hardware

Even if they develop apps that use data protected in this way, developers cannot access it themselves. The system only tells you whether the data is correct or not.

Although hackers were able to decrypt the Secure Enclave years ago, personal data was still unreachable. According to the latest information, this has recently been achieved. According to the Chinese hacker team Pangu, this security vulnerability cannot be remedied, since the hardware is considered a weak point here. This weak point can only be eliminated with new hardware.

Still, you shouldn’t worry too much. To access personal information in the device, physical access and enough time must be guaranteed. The current security gap cannot be exploited from a distance. Devices with an A7 to A11 Bionic Chip are affected. The newer iPhones and iPads from 2018 are no longer affected.

Via 9to5mac

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