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The digital wallet – a term under which different user groups understand different things, but in the end it always remains an illusion. Pass4Wallet integrates customer cards into the Apple Wallet app.

We all know them – the popular customer cards from various retailers and shops. 20 plastic cards in your daily luggage? No problem. Many iPhone apps promise solutions here – many retail companies always object to it. Pass4Wallet takes a somewhat new approach – customer cards can be digitized with the app and then integrated into the Apple Wallet. This also applies to coupons. The app is free, many different code types are supported.

Pass4Wallet in the AppStore

“IMPORTANT: This is not a digital wallet, it does not manage any currency or cryptocurrency. But we usually all have tons of other, unnecessary plastic in our wallets. Loyalty cards, discount cards, coupons, etc. Pass4Wallet solves this problem and enables it to be closed digitize.

You no longer have to rely on your card retailer / provider, and many of them don’t offer Apple Wallet support. With Pass4Wallet you are the person responsible.

In addition, you are no longer tied to customer cards or coupons. You can easily add any information. Do you always forget tax or social identification numbers? Just keep them in your wallet.

Our goal is to make the process as comfortable and easy as possible so that it is only a few clicks to add a new entry. At the same time, the process is flexible and configurable, with the right level of personalization.

Main features:

• You can add and update wallet entries, including (but not limited to): loyalty cards, membership cards, vouchers, discount cards, tickets, gift cards, community cards, etc.

• Including a free barcode scanner

• You can add entries with a wider variety of formats than usual.

• You can choose colors and symbols.

• You can add notes on the back.

• You can specify relevant data to be remembered by the system.

• You can add relevant places to your input so that they appear on the locked screen when you are nearby.

• You can start navigation directly on the back of your map.

• You can share your entries if you want 🙂

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