ARD admits insufficient reporting – DIGITAL TELEVISION

Picture: © NDR
Image: © NDR

The explosion in the port of Beirut initially played only a small role in ARD’s program on Tuesday. There was a lot of criticism from the audience. Now the editor-in-chief has admitted its mistakes.

The disturbing images of the catastrophe in Beirut on Tuesday quickly spread around the web. The “Tagesschau” also reported on the event on its social media channels. In the television program, however, the devastating explosion only played a minor role in both the “Tagesschau” and the “Tagesthemen”. Numerous viewers expressed their frustration on platforms like Twitter.

ARD takes a stand

In a blog entry, the ARD reacted to the allegations of its audience and admitted the errors in the reporting. It says that the ARD should have portrayed the event better on television. It was a journalistic misjudgment. In the statement, the editor-in-chief speaks of “marginal details that ultimately lead to a chain of errors”. Both teams on the news programs would grieve that the coverage was inadequate for the event.

In conclusion, the article says: “This evening showed us one thing: we always have to work on ourselves so that we can get better. We are Germany’s No. 1 news brand and you have the right to get the best news product every time. ”

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