ARD demands state aid for TV production

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The corona crisis brought with it a major standstill in the production of films and series. Now, according to ZDF, the ARD is also announcing its support for the companies concerned – and is making an appeal to politicians: State money should flow.

ARD film director Karola Wille (MDR) has now made it clear in a press release that the German production companies hit by the pandemic can count on the help of ARD as the “largest client”. For 50 percent of the corona-related additional costs, they want to pay and thus support the producers in the crisis – at least until the end of August 2020.

In addition, further funds are needed to avert the existential bottlenecks in the creative sector in the film sector. After all, television productions, which according to ARD make up around 85 percent of German productions, are currently still explicitly excluded from corona-specific default funds from the federal government.

“That is why we strongly support the demand to support the large area of ​​television productions in this crisis period by providing an emergency fund backed by state guarantees,” Karola Wille said accordingly.

The federal states have already signaled, in turn, that they are considering options for setting up a default fund for television productions.

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