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Are you planning to cut prices? Samsung smartphones should become cheaper

by Tejas Dhawan

Samsung is reportedly planning to cut prices for a specific category of its smartphones. In the future, the cell phones could become significantly cheaper. But buyers will have to live with a limitation.

With a price of 2,100 euros, the Galaxy Fold was anything but a bargain. Samsung then proved that it can also be cheaper, at least in comparison, with its second folding phone: The South Koreans announced a RRP of around 1,500 euros for the Galaxy Z Flip. In the near future, however, the foldable smartphones could become even more affordable.

Samsung’s foldable smartphones should be cheaper

Cell phone insider Max Weinbach on Twitter According to Samsung, it could launch a “Galaxy Fold e”, which is said to be significantly cheaper than the original at $ 1,100. Samsung followed a similar strategy last year with the S10 series, when the Galaxy S10e was marketed as a cheaper and slightly slimmed-down version of the group’s other flagship models.

Speaking of slimmed down: In order to keep the price as low as possible, the Galaxy Fold e should have a flexible display made of plastic and not be equipped with the Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG), which is installed in the Galaxy Z Flip, for example. In addition to the inexpensive folding smartphone, Samsung is also expected to work on two other foldables, which, however, rely on UTG.

The advantages of the Galaxy Z Flip in the video:

Small revolution: foldable and affordable folding smartphones

With a folding smartphone for $ 1,100 (the equivalent of around € 1,015), Samsung would make the promising technology interesting for the mass market. Many cell phone owners are already very interested in foldable smartphones, but are deterred by the still horrific prices. There are also technical question marks as to whether a foldable display really can last two or more years in everyday life.

If Samsung could really cut the price of foldable smartphones massively and at the same time be able to ensure that the devices are at least as long-lasting as regular cell phones, that would be a small revolution.

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