Ariane 5: rocket launch postponed to next week

© Arianespace

The new launch date for the European Ariane 5 launch vehicle has been fixed. For technical reasons, the expedition had to be postponed – again.

Europe’s space packhorse should now take off from the Kourou spaceport on August 14-15 (CEST), as the operator Arianespace announced early Tuesday morning. Work on the rocket is progressing, so this date is targeted. The Ariane 5 should actually start last Friday. However, the start had to be postponed due to technical problems. A sensor in the liquid hydrogen tank had responded unexpectedly, so the missile was now given a replacement sensor.

The spaceport is located in French Guiana, South America. The Ariane 5 is to launch two telecommunications satellites and a so-called Mission Extension Vehicle. This is a retrofittable drive for geostationary satellites. This is intended to extend the life of a satellite.

The start had not been postponed for the first time: it was originally planned for July 28 – and had to be canceled due to additional technical checks at this date. Because of the Corona crisis, preparations for launch at the spaceport were temporarily completely interrupted in March.

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