Arrested for installing malware to spy webcams on the PC he was selling

This man has been detained by the Mossos d’Esquadra for having secretly installed a program that remotely controlled the computer camera to drink photos and record videos with the webcam of the victims without them noticing. The detainee, a Spanish national, was dedicated to repairing and selling laptops that he collected at recycling points, but to which he installed the spyware. For this reason, he is accused of crimes of discovery and revelation of secrets.

Installed spyware on all computers

The investigation began on January 20, where a woman who had bought two computers (one for herself and one for a friend) in September 2019 found photos of her on the laptop’s hard drive that she had not taken. For this reason, he decided to take the computer to a computer store, where they discovered that he had installed the hidden program that recorded videos and made captures with the webcam, and that it started in the background in a hidden way every time the computer was started. . When she told her friend, she discovered that she also had the program installed.

Therefore, the Mossos decided to carry out a raid on July 2 at the seller’s house in Vallbona d’Anoia, Where they seized enough material to demonstrate that, indeed, he was the one who controlled the program and who carried out the captures, since he had that material on his property, where he had dozens of hard drives around the house that are being analyzed. The Mossos affirm that there would also be more users affected, so the investigation remains open.

It is important to install from scratch on what we buy second hand

Therefore, it is very important that when you buy any second-hand device, you do an installation from scratch of the operating system to avoid the presence of programs of this type. This is very important especially in Windows, since it is very easy to install this type of programs. In Android it is more complicated to install them without the user realizing it, but there we also have to do a Factory Reset when we buy a second-hand mobile to avoid that someone has been able to modify it to obtain images of us or even our credentials.

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