arrival in September to 5 cities

This is stated by Expansión, where the Orange 5G network would begin to be operational around the September 7th in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville and Malaga. This will make Orange the second operator to launch 5G in Spain, after Vodafone did it in June 2019. The launch of the service will come along with a new commercial image that will come from Jean François Fallacher, who will direct the subsidiary. Spanish from September 1.

Coverage in 7 cities and 30% in the first five before 2021

Coverage in the first five cities will be somewhat limited, focusing mainly on the city center, business centers or facilities with a lot of affluence, so coverage in cities will initially be around twenty% to grow later.

And it is that the deployment of 5G will be much faster than that of 4G, since by the end of 2021 it is expected to reach 40% of the Spanish population with 5G, 70% in 2022, 90% in 2023, and 95% in 2024. This last figure would put 5G in that year at the same level of coverage that 4G currently has. In addition to the five cities announced, before the end of the year the Orange 5G will also reach Logroño and Zaragoza, in addition to expanding coverage to 30% in the first five cities.

Orange’s 5G will be, at first, NSA, like Vodafone

The 5G network to be deployed will be NSA (Non-standalone), similar to that of Vodafone, and which depends on the 4G network and does not operate independently as 5G SA does. Orange will make use of a 60 MHz block in the 3.6 GHz band, instead of the 90 that Vodafone is using. Therefore, Orange will not have as much capacity or speed as Vodafone in principle, but it will be solved later when a part of that spectrum used by the army is released today, and Orange can use 100 MHz.

One of the main beneficiaries of 5G, in addition to Orange and Jazztel, will be MásMóvil, which will be able to launch commercial services taking advantage of Orange’s 5G network, as this is contemplated in the network rental agreements signed by both operators. MásMóvil would have access to this network from the end of September, although that does not mean that they will launch 5G services from that date, since they have to carry out adaptation work on their internal network.

Movistar would be the only major operator without 5G in September

With this, Movistar would be the only major operator that would not have Commercial 5G despite being the market leader. The operator has been saying for some time that the great deployment would come in 2021, but the fact that it is the only one without 5G and having the most demanding clientele (it is the operator that earns the most per customer) could push them to advance the launch of 5G.

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