Arte extends SD broadcasting until 2023

© ARTE G.E.I.E./Patrick BOGNER

After it recently became known that the public service ARD and ZDF want to postpone the termination of their signal distribution in SD quality, the German-French broadcaster Arte is now following suit.

There are clear arguments against further signal distribution in SD – such as the further implementation of a UHD standard in the TV program. The 16 percent of households in Germany that are not yet technically equipped for pure HD TV are in favor of extending distribution.

The pros and cons are currently a matter of controversy, the decision to further extend the SD broadcast has long been made. Now the German-French broadcaster Arte, which belongs to both the ARD and France Télévisions, has announced plans to postpone the SD shutdown.

When asked by DIGITAL TELEVISION, Arte spokeswoman Claude-Ann Sauvin said as follows: “Arte will continue to distribute SD. The long-term contract between Arte and SES Astra for the SD distribution of Arte via part of transponder 51 has a term until December 31, 2022. In due course, the further course of action will be advised from 2023 onwards. ”

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