"At eye level": Thermomix alternative is convincing in comparison

The Thermomix from Vorwerk has got well-known competition: With the Bosch Cookit there is a real alternative that offers many similar functions – and is even cheaper. Which food processor can convince in the end?


Thermomix vs. Cookit: kitchen helper in the test

With the Thermomix, the German manufacturer Vorwerk has become a real bestseller – if only it weren’t for the high price. Competitor Bosch has its Cookit well paid for, but can undercut the TM6 by a little less than 100 euros. SWR’s Marktcheck program examined which of the two kitchen helpers performed better in everyday life and in the laboratory. First of all: There is one machine that offers more than the other.

The Thermomix 6 costs 1,369 euros, while the new Cookit from Bosch is available for 1,266 euros. Both offer similar functions, but differ in the details. The Bosch Cookit gets a big plus for the larger pot. Here the capacity is 3 liters, while the Thermomix only comes to 2.2 liters. When it comes to accessories, the kitchen helper from Bosch offers more than that from Vorwerk.

There is a surprise in the SWR laboratory test: The Bosch Cookit has several wearable parts such as a toothed belt and carbon brushes. The interior of the Thermomix 6, on the other hand, is described by the experts as “almost wear-free”. There is criticism for the volume of the Thermomix 6, which was measured at 102.9 decibels, while the Cookit works much quieter.

The test with spelled shows that the volume also means more power: here the Thermomix produces real spelled flour, which the Cookit cannot do. But the Bosch device also reaches temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius, while Thermomix recipes come to an end after 160 degrees. Popcorn is not in there. The experts see the Cookit “at eye level” with the TM6.

You can find out more about the Bosch Cookit here:

Thermomix vs. Cookit: family relies on TM6

A family that was allowed to test both devices for a week likes both the Cookit and the Thermomix. Recipes work with both and the instructions are also “perfect”. When asked which of the machines they would buy, the Thermomix wins. The “huge” community and the “countless” recipes make the difference.

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