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The cat is now out of the bag: The first Macs with an ARM processor will appear this year. While there is already initial information about the transition kit, we do not yet know which models Apple will introduce to end customers first.

A few weeks ago we asked you if you would buy a Mac with an ARM processor. The response was surprisingly positive in the direction of the new processor architecture. Last week we asked: Which Mac would you be interested in?

MacBook Pro 13/14 very popular

The victory goes to the MacBook Pro 13/14. It is the device that analysts also expect to be announced quickly. The iMac follows in second place in terms of devices, while third place goes to the new edition of a MacBook. All three devices appear to be quite likely, even if we don’t yet know whether Apple will stick to the classic device categories at all.

ARM processors and trust

It looks bad for the iMac Pro and the Mac Pro, in total they come to just under 3.5 percent in our survey. In general, however, there is a great wait-and-see attitude. 17.5 percent want to wait for the second generation, almost 11.5 percent even want to invest in a Mac with Intel.

There is also a lot going on in the used market here. It will be exciting to see how the situation develops over the next few weeks.


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